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Our Services

Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring and Assessment
Water and sediment quality monitoring and assessment
Environmental Impact Assessments
Environmental Effects Monitoring (mining, pulp and paper etc.)
Effluent plume dispersion modelling
Benthic invertebrate sampling, taxonomy and analysis
Periphyton and macrophyte identification

Environmental Management and Planning
Environmental Protection Plans
Environmental Construction and Operation (ECO) Plans
Erosion and Sediment Control Reports
Construction mitigations, monitoring and supervision
Post project audits

Regulatory Licensing and Approvals Under:
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA)
The Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (AEPEA)
The Fisheries Act
The Navigable Waters Protection Act
The Alberta Water Act and Code of Practice notifications
The City of Calgary Guidelines for Erosion and Sediment Control

Fish Population Inventories and Habitat Management
Population inventories and habitat surveys
Fish habitat restoration and enhancement
Fish salvage operations
Aquatic habitat protection planning
Fish habitat compensation planning