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Clearwater Environmental Consultants

is an association of environmental professionals that focuses on the aquatic environment. The company has recently merged with Western Resource Solutions and operates under either name. We conduct technical water and sediment quality studies, benthic surveys, environmental impact assessments, Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) plans and Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) plans. Our core strength is in the aquatic environment, however, our close network with other well respected environmental specialists allows us to offer a comprehensive environmental management team capable of conducting studies on water and sediment quality, fish and fish habitat and riparian habitat and vegetation.

How We Help You

We bring our expertise in environmental management to your projects. Our aim is for the successful and timely completion of your projects by providing the following:

  • Clear understanding of federal, provincial, and municipal regulatory requirements and approvals
  • Assessment of key environmental issues
  • Facilitation of communications between industry, government and community, aboriginal and environmental groups
  • Recommendations of appropriate mitigations, monitoring, and follow-up